La Petite Ecole
The Dual-Language Immersion School

Our Team


Our Team


Joelle Quoirin

Joelle Quoirin founded La Petite Ecole, Columbia’s first language immersion school, in 2005.  She is the School Principal and the Head Teacher of the Kindergarten Class.  Joelle was born and grew up in Belgium and is a native speaker of French.  She also speaks Spanish, and has some knowledge of German and Italian. She obtained a Master of Arts in French and an Educational Specialist degree in Education, both with an emphasis on foreign language teaching.  In addition, Joelle has a K-12 Teaching Certificate in French and Spanish. 


Janet Russell

Janet Russell, our Administrative Assistant, has been a part of La Petite Ecole for the past eight years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in French and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Design from the University of Missouri. She holds a K-12 Teaching Certificate in French and History and taught French in Mid-Missouri public schools for over thirty years.  Recently, she discovered that teaching the Adult Beginning Learners at LPE is equally as rewarding and fun!  Janet is heading our Adult Programs and loves to be around our school.


Abeer Alasali

Head Teacher of the PreK-Kindergarten Class.


Jessica Champagne

Head Teacher of the Toddler Class on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays.


Nassima Bedaida

Head of the Toddler Class on Tuesday/Thursdays.


Karyn Johnston

Head Teacher - English Program.  Karyn teaches Language Arts and Math in our Kindergarten and First Grade programs.  She introduces our Toddlers to letter recognition, songs and story time, and a variety of other fun "English" activities.  Karyn heads our Preschool/Prekindergarten afternoon English class where children enhance their language skills.


Becca Honeyball

Program Coordinator of La Petite Ecole and Head of the Language Club after school program.