La Petite Ecole
The Dual-Language Immersion School




Thanks to small class sizes and low teacher/student ratios, every child is challenged to his/her level of ability. Basic concepts are covered in all programs, such as the language arts, math, science, art, P.E. etc. All of the programs at La Petite Ecole are age appropriate level classes. We are committed to the growth of language immersion and dual-language education in our community! We continue to innovate and expand our programs in order to provide French and English language learning opportunities to all ages.

  • Parents who are considering La Petite Ecole as the school of choice for their child may complete an Interest Application at any time (no fee required).
  • In February, enrollment for the upcoming academic year is opened to the current La Petite Ecole Families.
  • In Early March, families with an Interest Application on file are invited to visit the school and enroll for the upcoming academic year.
  • In Mid-March, La Petite Ecole hosts Youpi Day!  On this Saturday morning, current students and their parents attend school and invite friends and community members to join them to experience the magic of language immersion firsthand.  Youpi Day marks the beginning of Open Enrollment to the community at large.

Interest Application

Families interested in our programs should submit an Interest Application.  La Petite Ecole accepts these on an on-going basis.  There is no fee associated with this application.  At the time of Open Enrollment to our community, you will be contacted to visit the school, if you have not previously done so.  A space will be offered to you based on the order your application was received.